Create an Assignment in an OnCourse Gradebook

How do I add a manual assignment to my OnCourse gradebook?

Step-by-step guide

To add an assignment:

  1. Access the course containing the gradebook.
  2. Locate the green gear icon on the upper right hand side of the page. Click on the drop-down menu and click the Gradebook Setup link.

  3. At the bottom of the Gradebook setup page click the "Add grade item" button
  4. In the "Item name" field enter the name of the assignment
  5. For "Grade type", leave it set to Value if you intent to award points. Notice there is also a "Text" option if you only want to provide text feedback.
  6. In the "Maximum grade" field enter the value of the assignment in points. 
  7. In the "Grade category" drop-down menu choose the category the assignment is associated with.
    1. If you are not using categories you can skip this step.
  8. Press the "Save changes" button.


  • Manual assignments are those assignments which the instructor collects in class, such as an in class quiz or exam or a paper that students submit in person.
  • If the assignment is extra credit, first create the assignment and save, and then edit the assignment to make it extra credit. Directions on how to make a gradable item extra credit can be found here:

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