Subscribing to a Forum in OnCourse

As an instructor, how can I subscribe to a particular Forum in OnCourse?

Step-by-step guide

Begin by managing your Forum preferences. You have the option to change your preferences to not automatically subscribe to Forum discussions.

  1. Log into OnCourse and click on the drop-down menu next to your profile image.  Click on Preferences.
  2. Click on Forum preferences.

3. For Forum auto-subscribe, the default is Yes. To change this, select No: don't automatically subscribe me to forum discussions from the drop-down menu and click on Save changes.

Subscribing to a Forum

  1. After you have posted your discussion thread on the Forum, you have the option to subscribe to the Forum.  By subscribing to a Forum, you will receive an email notification each time someone posts to the Forum.

      a. In the Forum, navigate to the green gear icon. Click on the drop down menu. Select Show/edit current subscribers. The page will refresh.

b. On the Forum Subscribers screen, add your name to the subscriber list by pressing the Add button. Alternately, users can also unsubscribe from a Forum on this screen. When finished press the Finish managing subscriptions button.

Subscribing to a Single Discussion Thread

Do you want to get activity notices about posts in an individual discussion within a Forum? For example, assume that you have contributed to two topics within a may wish to get email updates about subsequent conversations in this discussion thread.

  1. Open a Forum.
  2. Locate the discussion threads in the Forum.
  3. In the Subscribe column, toggle the dial to subscribe/unsubscribe to individual discussion threads. 


To change your Digest preferences, choose your preference from the drop down menu, scroll down and click Save changes.

  • You have the option to receive a daily email with full posts, or a daily email containing subjects only. 

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