Posting to a Forum in OnCourse

As a student, how do I post a Forum in OnCourse?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter the course and navigate to the Forum where you want to post. Go into the Forum. 

2. Read the description and Forum directions. To create a discussion post, press the blue Add a new discussion topic button .a. Note the due date for posting to the Forum.

Inside the Forum, press the Add a new discussion topic button to add a new discussion.

3. When you are ready to post your discussion post, press the Post to forum button. 

When the user is ready, they need to press the Post to forum button to post their discussion to the Forum.

4. The page will refresh and you will see a green bar at the top of the screen that reads    “Your post was successfully added.”

a. Note: You have 5 minutes to edit your post if you want to make any changes.

How do I add an attachment to a discussion post?

  1. If you need to add an attachment to your post, press the “Advanced” link under the Message field.

The Advanced link takes users to a screen on which they can both write their post and attach a file to their post.

2. To attach the file you can

3. Drag and drop the file into the Attachment field or

4. Click the blue arrow pointing down 

To attach a file, users can either drag and drop the file to upload it, or press Post to forum to upload a file.

5. If you click on the blue arrow, next you’ll choose “Upload a file” option on the left-hand side of the the File Picker window

6. Press the Choose file button

7. Locate the file to attach and press “Open”

8. This will return you to the File picker, press the Upload this file button.

9. When ready, press Post to forum to add your discussion post to the Forum.

When the user is ready, they should press the Post to forum button to add their post to the Forum.

How do I reply to a peer in a Forum?

1. Select the discussion thread you want to reply to and press on the hyperlink to go into the discussion thread.

To reply to a peer, first select a discussion thread. Press the hyperlink to enter the discussion thread.

2. On the next screen, press the Reply button.

Press the Reply button on a discussion thread to reply to a peer.

3. Type your reply in the text box and press the blue Submit button.

The user should type their reply in the text box and then hit the Submit button to make their reply.


Your instructor may create a Q & A Forum. 

  1. In a Q & A Forum, you will be required to post your reply before viewing other students’ responses. 
  2. Also, to post your reply, you will need to navigate to the discussion thread that your instructor has started and click on the discussion thread link.

Navigate to the Q and A Forum and press the link of your instructor's discussion thread to make your reply.

 3. Hit the reply button below their thread to make a reply.

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