Viewing Grades and Feedback in OnCourse

As a student, how can I view my grades and feedback in OnCourse?

In the Gradebook

  1. To review your overall grades for all of your courses, login to OnCourse. 
  2. Navigate to your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page. Click on the dropdown arrow and select Grades.

Users can click on the drop down arrow next to the user's profile picture, and select the Grade link to be taken to their overall course grades page.

 3On the next screen for the courses where you instructor has the gradebook turned on, you will see your current course totals. 

a. Clicking on any of the blue course links will take you to the course gradebook.

4. Alternatively, navigate to a course where you want to review your grades and feedback. In courses where your instructor has the gradebook turned on, you will see a Grades link on the left side menu of the main course page. Click on the Grades link.

On the left side menu on the main course page there is a Grades link which takes students to the course Gradebook.

5. On the next screen you’ll see your User report for the course which displays your grades and feedback.

The User report displays a student's grades and feedback in a course.

In an Assignment (dropbox)

1. Navigate to the dropbox in which you wish to access your assignment feedback.

Click on the dropbox link to go into the dropbox.

2. The page will refresh. On the next screen, you'll see your Submission status.

a. You can view Submission comments

b. Scroll down further to the Feedback section and you can view your Grade.

c. You can view your instructor’s Feedback comments.

d. By clicking on the PDF, you can view the annotated PDF. This annotated version includes instructor comments, annotated directly on your assignment.

On the Feedback screen, students can view their grade, feedback comments, and access the annotated PDF if their instructor has included an annotated PDF.

3. When you click on the annotated PDF, the page will open to your assignment submission.

a. By clicking any of the yellow word bubbles, this will direct you to the Index of comments for your assignment.

b. Each instructor comment is indexed and assigned a number beginning with 1.1.

Clicking the yellow word bubble redirects students to an index of instructor comments.

In a Discussion Post

If your instructor has communicated that they have graded the Forum, you can view your grade by navigating back to the Forum.

  1. Navigate to course and enter the Forum for which you want to check your grade. Press the View grades button.

Press the View grades button to view your grade for the discussion forum

2. On the next screen you will see your Grade.

On the Forum grade screen, students can see their grade for their posts in the Forum.

3. If your instructor uses rubrics, you'll see the rubric displayed with the various criteria and your earned points. At the top of the screen you'll see your overall points.

On the student view of the rubric, students see their overall points earned at the top of the screen. On the lower half of the screen students see rubric criteria with the points they have earned for each criterion.

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