Using Rubrics in OnCourse

Follow this guide to learn how to create rubrics in OnCourse.

Step-by-step guide

Please also see the video tutorial for Adding a Rubric to OnCourse

  1. Turn editing on. Navigate to the upper right side of the main course page and press the Turn editing on button. 

Turn editing on button in OnCourse

      2.  Scroll down to the section in your course where you wish to add either the Forum tool or the Assignment tool. For this tutorial we’ll focus on using the Forum tool.  Press Add an activity or resource.

Add an activity or resource button in OnCourse

    3.  From the activities menu, select Forum. The page refreshes and brings you to the settings of the Forum.

Forum activity button in OnCourse

4.  Be sure to give the Forum a Name, add the Description and schedule its Availability. Expand the Whole Forum Grading menu.  For grade Type select Point and set the Maximum grade. The default is set to 100. For Grading method select Rubric

Whole Forum Grading menu in OnCourse. Select points for grade type and rubric for grading method.

5.  Scroll down and press Save and Display.  The page refreshes and brings you to inside of the Forum.

Save and Display Button in OnCourse

Creating your Rubric

  1. Locate the green gear icon in the upper right, and click on the drop down arrow. Select Advanced grading

Select the Advanced grading menu in OnCourse

2.   The page refreshes.  Be sure to change the active grading method to Rubric. Next, press on Define new grading form from scratch.

Choose rubric as the active grading method and press on the define new grading form option

3. Give your rubric a name and description.

Give your rubric a name and a description

4. Build your rubric. Use the Add criterion and Add level buttons to expand your rubric as needed.

Create your rubric using add level and add criterion as needed as you build it

5. When you are finished building your rubric, check out the rubric options.

a. All of the options are selected by default and we recommend leaving all the options checked.

b. In particular, it is important to leave Allow users to preview rubric checked so that your students can access the rubric before they are evaluated. Accessing the rubric will support your students in creating a strong submission that meets the criteria for the assignment.

Look over the Rubric options. We recommend leaving all the options checked.

6. When you are finished, scroll down and press Save rubric and make it ready.

When you are done building your rubric press the Save rubric and make it ready button

7.  The page refreshes and you will see that your rubric is ready to use. 

On the next screen you will see that your Discussion rubric is ready to use

Grading with a Rubric

  1. Locate the activity that needs grading. In this example, a Forum. Press the Forum link to enter the Forum.

Locate the Forum activity that needs grading. Press the forum link to enter the forum.

     2.  Press the Grade users button.

Press the Grade users button to enter the Whole Forum Grader

  3. The page refreshes and brings you inside the Whole Forum Grader.  You’ll see your rubric on the right side of the page.

        a. If the criteria for the rubric are collapsed, use the small arrows to expand the criteria for grading.

Not Graded Panel open with a red arrow pointing at the Content drop arrow

4.  Fill in the bubbles next to the rubric criteria to select a specific criteria. You can also add additional feedback in the Additional Feedback field.

      a. Use the arrows in the top right corner to advance the pages and select students to grade.

   Inside the Whole forum grader your rubric is on the right side of the page, ready to use. Use the arrows in the upper right corner to advance to the next page as you identify students that need to be graded.

For more rubric resources please see the Moodle Documentation for Rubrics.

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