PHOTO: How to use the Fredonia Photo Library

Step-by-step use of Fredonia Photo Library

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Sign up

  1. Go to - click “sign up” at the top

  2. Fill out form using your Fredonia email to create an account (this platform does NOT connect with Fredonia’s single sign-on process; you’ll have to write down/remember your password). For "Company/Organization", please use your Fredonia department.

  3. You may begin searching and browsing right away, but for full image download access, your account will need to be manually approved by the Marketing and Communications team. We will reach out to you via email to let you know when your account has been fully activated.

Using the site

  1. Log on to

  2. Click log-in at the top of the page.

  3. Click “Search Fredonia photos” at the top of the page after you log in.

  4. Choose a gallery you’re interested in looking through, and make your photo selection.
    *note that inside each galleries are more galleries that help sort and organize content by content type

    Example: I’m working on an athletics webpage, and I need an image of the women’s volleyball team.  From this main area, I would click on “Athletics.” Which takes me to current galleries in Athletics.

    From Athletics, I click on the “Women’s Volleyball” gallery.

    From here, I can click on a photo I am interested in using.

    Every photo has information on the right side (circled in above photo), including: description of the photo original filename (used by our photographers), and keywords. We’ll explain how those are helpful below.

  5. When you have the photo you want to use, click the blue “download” button in the upper-right.

  6. A pop-up will appear, asking which size photo you would like. We recommend downloading the original file size, which will give you more flexibility in using the photo. (if you haven’t logged in with your email and password, you will be asked to do that here before the download information appears).

  7. Click on the link for the file size you want.

  8. The image will download onto your computer to use.

Searching and Browsing tips

  1. The keywords used by our team can help you look for something if you’re not sure where to begin.  Example: you want an image of something happening in Thompson Hall, but you don’t know where to start. From the main gallery area, put the word “Thompson”  in the search bar in the upper-right.
    (Important! The search function works for the current page you are on, so if you want to search the entire gallery, make sure you are at the main gallery view), or click on the search magnifying glass at the very top right of on the page.

    (Searches current gallery)

    (Searches across all Fredonia photo galleries)

    The results page will show you every photo with “Thompson” in either the photo description or the keyword tags that were assigned.

  2. To navigate in and out of galleries, use the navigation tool in the upper-left corner (the one place the navigation doesn’t appear is on a “search results” page. From there, you’ll have to use the back function of your web browser).