Absence Verification (Excuse) Policy


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Absence Verification (Excuse) Policy

The Fredonia Student Health Center has adopted a strict policy of not writing notes for missed classes for routine illnesses. Students are encouraged to visit the health center when they do not have class. It is our belief, that students at the college level are adults and should be held accountable for attending class and fulfilling course requirements. They are encouraged to communicate directly with faculty if they are too ill to attend class. Faculty members are encouraged to take this policy into consideration when setting standards or requirements for class attendance. This policy is well publicized as it is posted in the health center, is included in all publications and is also on our website.

In the event that the student will be absent from class for a major illness/injury or an operation/hospitalization, the Student Health Center will contact the Office of Student Affairs on the student’s behalf to notify them of their expected absence from classes for a specific duration of time.

Due to a strict adherence to our Privacy Policy, the Fredonia Student Health Center will not release any specific health information to faculty or staff. If a student wishes to have his/her medical information released to their primary care physicians office or to that of a specialty physician, they will be able to do so by completing an “Authorization for release of medical information form” found in the Student Health Center, and on our website.


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