Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse


Document TitleMandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
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February 2013

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February 2013

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Consistent with the provisions and applicable definitions of New York State Penal Law Articles 130, 260 and 263, and the SUNY Polices of the Board of Trustees, any employee, student or volunteer for the State University of New York College at Fredonia (“Fredonia”) who witnesses or has reasonable cause to suspect any sexual abuse of a child (defined as a person under the age of 17) occurring on university property or while off campus during official university business or university-sponsored events shall immediately report such conduct to the Chief of University Police (“Chief”) at Fredonia. Such report should include the name of the victim and assailant (if known), other identifying information about the victim and assailant, the location of the activity and the nature of the activity. Upon receiving such a report the Chief shall immediately notify Fredonia’s President, the Vice President of Administration, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of University Advancement. Additionally, the Chief shall notify the Commissioner of the SUNY University Police (“Commissioner”) of any such report within one working day of notice to Fredonia’s President. The Chief is also under an affirmative obligation to notify the appropriate local authorities. The Commissioner shall promptly report such incidents to the Chancellor of the State University of New York for periodic reporting to the SUNY Board of Trustees.

In furtherance to this Policy, Fredonia shall, on an annual basis notify all university employees of the existence of this policy; train—either in person or on-line—all university employees on the provisions of this policy and the attendant reporting obligations.

Any employee found in violation of the provisions of this policy shall be subject to discipline up to termination of his/her employment, consistent with the terms and conditions of the applicable collective bargaining Agreement, if any, as well as subject to any applicable criminal prosecution. Further, retaliatory action against anyone who has reported sexual abuse, or who has been involved in reporting, investigating, or responding to sexual abuse, is a violation of this policy.  Those found responsible for any retaliatory action will be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

This policy shall not effect a mandatory reporters obligation to report suspected sexual abuse of a child under the New York State Mandatory Reporting Law.


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