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  1. A Tracker ticket is submitted by a firewall rule Requestor. A "Requestor" maybe any member of the campus community that meets the above requirements and is an employee or affiliate (e.g. FSA).

  2. The Tracker ticket is automatically assigned to the ISO and Network Design and Development Manager for review. Reviews may expand to include the Fredonia Security Operations team or ITS leadership should additional consultation becomes necessary.

  3. Upon review, a Nessus Vulnerability Management scan (non credentialed) will be completed by the ISO of the source and or destination hosts. NOTE: All new virtual and physical hosts are required to complete the ITS Service Production Certification Checklist.

  4. Upon approval from the ISO, the Firewall Audit Register will be completed internally and the following information will be collected  to conduct annual audits moving forward:

    1. Request Date

    2. Requestor

    3. Ticket#Reason

    4. Source

    5. Destination ports

    6. Firewall affected

    7. ISO approval

    8. Approval date

    9. Rule created by

    10. Created date