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Your U: Drive can be used to store your academic career (e.g. course work etc.) or University business related data. Do not save your personal data to your U: Drive. You may save Category 1 - Public (Low) and Category 2 - Private (Moderate) data.  To learn more, please review the Data Risk Classification Policy.

Can others see my files?
No, the U: Drive is considered your personal space and security settings permit only you to access it. If you want to share your files with others on a networked drive, they can be housed on a different server. Please submit a Tracker ticket to consult with ITS on what options may be best for sharing specific kinds of data with others.

How can I tell how much space I have left in my U: Drive?
PC Users
When you open My Computer or This PC, you will see your U: drive. Under the bar that shows how full it is, you will see a number that reads "## GB free of ## GB"