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FredApps is folder that is provisioned out to authorized Fredonia employee computers that have a specified need to save files from their local C:\ Drive on their University computer. The C:\FredApps directory is white-listed to run scripts, macros, and other executables. This service is typically reserved for employees that are developers (e.g. Information Technology staff, etc.).

Process to request access to FredApps:

  1. Submit a Tracker ticket requesting access to FredApps. Please be sure to specify the particular computer name (e.g. AA-BDH-D-01), and application or task that you are using that requires the FredApps access.

  2. The Tracker ticket will be reviewed by the Information Security Officer (ISO) or designee and either approve or deny the access.

  3. If approved, the ISO or designee will provision out the access and notify the requestor via the Tracker ticket to reboot their computer to access the C:\FredApps directory.

Please contact the Information Security Office (ISO) (716) 673-4725 or submit a tracker ticket by emailing security@fredonia.eduFredonia ISO for assistance. 


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