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Attendant (Auto Attendant)  An automatic response system, such as a voice presenting options such as press 2 for sales, 5 for Alex, etc., which handles incoming calls and sends them to the appropriate phone or message. Auto attendant features, often referred to as Phone Trees, Call Trees, auto-receptionist or even virtual receptionist, simply route calls to the correct extension or agent within a company. Auto attendants  can only route calls to predetermined extensions. Settings can be configured for day or night modes, or even holiday hours, but overall the system is somewhat limited in its capabilities.


SIP Session Initiation Protocol  is a signaling protocol for Internet conferencing, telephony, and instant messaging.  It is a request-response protocol, dealing with requests from clients and responses from

Speed Call Speed Calling allows subscribers to program shortcuts for telephone numbers to dial them quickly with just one or two digits. This service is being phased out at SUNY Fredonia as part of the phone transition project.

Speed Dial When a phone button is programmed with a number for a single touch dial.


VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol The transmission of voice over the Internet as digital packets rather than the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the PSTN.  VoIP uses real-time protocol (RTP) to help ensure that the packets get delivered in a timely way. 


If you have additional questions about the VoIP phone service, you can create a Tracker ticket or send an email to ITS for assistance.