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Document TitleHonorarium Submission Procedures
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Office/UnitUniversity Accounting
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Revision HistoryLast Revised: April 1, 2012 (Procedure no. 801)



The purpose of this policy is to define a procedure for completing and submitting an honorarium.


Honorariums are payments for services rendered by individuals who are not state employees or students who were not on student payroll at the time of service.

NOTE: If the payee is currently on state payroll, the sponsoring department must contact Human Resources. The payee will be considered a dual employee and will complete new hire paperwork.

The payee must have a NYS Vendor ID No to use the Honorarium Form. If the payee is not in the SFS Vendor Management Unit, please have them complete a Substitute W9 and send to the Purchasing Department. Please share this OSC SFS website link with the payee. They will need this link to maintain their vendor account in SFS.

Payees may be reimbursed for travel related expenses such as lodging, mileage, and/or air fare; however those expenses must be submitted on a separate Travel Voucher. See Travel Procedure for instructions on processing a Travel Voucher.


  • AFTER THE SERVICE IS COMPLETED - the sponsoring department completes Part I of the Honorarium Request Form.
    • Sponsoring department forwards the form to the payee for completion of Part II.
  • Payee completes Part II and returns to the sponsoring department.
    • The sponsoring department forwards the form to Human Resource along with any corresponding receipts/invoices.
  • HR reviews the form to verify the payee is not currently employed by NYS.
    • HR forwards to University Accounting.
  • Accounting personnel will process through the OSC payment system.
  • OSC will mail the check to the payee.

Documentation Required for Payment

  • Completed Honorarium Request Form
    • Including any corresponding receipts/invoices


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