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Document TitleTrademarks and Licensing Guidelines
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Office/UnitPurchasing Department
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Policy NumberPurchasing Department Policy No. 603
Approval Date

January 2003

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Effective Date

January 2003

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Revision History

ORIGINAL: January 2003
LAST REVISED: January 2016


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the guidelines of the trademark and licensing program.

II. Procedure

A. University Name:
Approved name designations for the university as follows:
State University of New York

B. Other Names:
Other subordinate names that may be used are:
Blue Devils

C. University Seal:
There is one, and only one, approved university seal. No alterations of this seal are permitted.

D. Marks and Logos:
Typographic treatments of university names must be approved by the Creative Design Team.

E. School Colors:
The official school colors are reflux blue (PMS-286) and white.

F. TM Designation:
The TM Designation must be used in conjunction with all logos and marks identifying the university. Typically, the small TM should be placed in the lower right hand corner, adjacent to the mark.

G. Institutional Image:
Fredonia marks may not be used in conjunction with references to alcohol or drugs. Additionally, any use of university identification devices that is in poor taste is not approved.

H. Approval:
All university departments, offices and organizations must obtain approval for the application of university identification devices to any items being purchased and/or manufactured for their use. All designs must be approved by the Creative Design Team prior to manufacture.

Examples of items include but are not limited to: pens, notebooks, caps, shirts, jackets, glassware, pins, stickers and decals, key rings, etc. Any and all artwork submitted to manufacturers must bear an approval stamp.

Any printed material on paper or signage is outside the licensing guidelines and does not need Trademark & Licensing approval but still needs art approval from the Creative Design Team.

I. Vendors:
Only licensed vendors may produce items bearing university identification devices.

The following procedures only apply to items being purchased and/or produced which bear Fredonia identification names and/or devices.

A. Design Approval:
The design for the imprint on the item(s) being ordered must be approved by the Creative Design Team (104A Gregory Hall) before the order is placed with the vendor. If approved, the art will be stamped, numbered, and then may be sent to the vendor. If disapproved, once corrected according to instructions, the order may be re-submitted for approval. If the vendor is designing the imprint, he/she must submit it for approval prior to manufacturing your item(s).

B. Vendors:
Only properly licensed vendors are permitted to produce items bearing Fredonia identification devices.

Listings of licensed vendors are available in the FSA Office, University Services Department or Purchasing Department. Always ask the vendor if he/she is licensed to produce college trademark items.

If the vendor is not licensed, contact Ms. Katie Thies at FSA, extension 6273 for an application and instructions.

C. Orders:
All trademark merchandise orders must be placed according to the policies and procedures of the purchasing authority.

D. Royalties:
A standard royalty rate applies to all trademark items, which are being sold above their initial cost.

E. Questions:
If you have questions about any of the above, contact the appropriate offices below:

FSA Office, Katie Thies
Gregory Hall

Creative Design Team
104A Gregory Hall

Purchasing Department
404 Maytum Hall



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