Shared Storage (Fredshare) SC


Shared Storage (Fredshare)

Service Manager
Scott Grien, Idalia Torres
Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Service Owner
AVP/CIO - Stephen Rieks
Provide shared storage space on the fredshare server for departments or offices to share files within their department or with others.
Service Users
Any user can be provided access to the shared resources
User Services
Provides business units the ability to collaborate using a centralized storage area for documents and files that is backed up on a nightly basis.
Business Services
Business units can request storage and designate who can access the share. A share will be created on the fredshare server with the requested permissions and an initial quota level.
Technical Services

This service resides on a clustered server environment for high availability and is backed up daily.

Business unit administrators or designees may request the creation of new storage and provide a list of users who need access.  They can request the modification of existing access permissions to the storage and request more space when required.
Rates / Cost of Use

Getting Started

Users will submit a Fredquest ticket using  “Computer Files” as the request type,  “Shared folder space” as the classification, and “request folder space” for the category.  


The service is available 24/7/365 except when scheduled for upgrades or maintenance.

Getting Help

Users can request help for this service by submitting a Fredquest ticket or by calling the Service Center.

SLA Notes
  • Users can expect a response within one business day for new requests and changes.

What is not included:

  • Auditing of content or access to the resource

Business Procedures
Documentation for this service is stored within the systems share on fredshare
Change Procedures
Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed and approved by the CIO.
Assigned Primary Support

Assigned Secondary Support

RACI Chart

Function 1

Name: Upgrades and maintenance

Description: Upgrades and maintenance that would require downtime for the service







Fred Ullman

Fred Ullman


Service Center


Scott Grien

Service users


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