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Banner Student Information System (SIS) Service

Service Manager

Kevin Lane


Enterprise Data Services


Location: Thompson Hall, 207A 

Phone Number: (716) 673-4894 

Email: Kevin Lane

All requests for assistance are completed using the Tracker Customer Portal

Service Owner

Chief Information Officer


Banner is the Student Information System (SIS) used by Fredonia to manage all data relating to a student for academic and administrative purposes.

Service Users

Fredonia staff who have been given authorization to access data related to their job.

User Services

  • Banner forms provide the ability for users to enter, retrieve, and update data.
  • Execution of Banner and/or homegrown programs for the purposes of constituent data processing with associated reports.
  • Report directory access in addition to the ability to print output

Business Services

  • Request for new user access (potentially based on previous user access)
  • Banner Install/Patch completion on Development and/or Production systems
  • Banner supporting services restart based on error messages.
  • Banner problem resolution 
  • Duplicate Pidm Resolution - merging two ID and corresponding records into one, as well as splitting any incorrectly merged records

Technical Services

  • Banner user account management
  • Banner module install and patch management
  • Backups of Oracle Enterprise Linux servers (database, application, job submission) and associated applications
  • Oracle Linux server account management
  • Banner code tree, Fredonia-ized code tree, and campus code tree management
  • Departmental report and data load directory management
  • Management of running programs in support of the SIS:
    • Gurjobs (Job Submission)
    • Proxy Client
    • Advanced Queues for Financial Aid
    • Clean Address


Rates / Cost of Use

There is no charge for this service

Getting Started


Getting Help

All requests for assistance are completed using Tracker

SLA Notes

Business Procedures

Change Procedures

Requests for change should be entered as support tickets in Tracker.

Technical changes will be reviewed on a per request basis.

Assigned Primary Support

Richard Bartkowiak

Assigned Secondary Support

Kevin Lane

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Kevin Lane

Service Manager


Teresa Dodge


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