Routine Processing (Scheduled RunJob) SC


Routine Processing (Scheduled RunJob)

Service Manager
Kevin Lane
Enterprise Data Services
103D Maytum, 673-4894,
Service Owner
AVP/CIO - Stephen Rieks

Routine processing (aka. Scheduled RunJob) is a service provided to perform routine tasks requested by academic and administrative offices.  This can be done to ensure regular delivery of service, which may require access to the underlying systems or to provide checks and balances for a specific tasks.  This service also covers the establishment of Job Streams in the ISE Scheduler software package for regular/routine execution of procedures with little or no human intervention.

Service Users

Fredonia Faculty/Staff in offices for which procedures have been created.

User Services
  • Routine execution or procedures resulting in the adjustment of data or the creation of output used to support departmental procedures
Business Services
  • Creation of procedures for routine execution
  • Request the start/stop of one-time or regular procedures
  • Request the adjustment of already established procedures
Technical Services
  • Maintenance of ISE Schedule Job Streams (jobs, variables)
  • Monitoring of the execution of Job Streams for failed jobs 
  • Retrieval of data files from some external services requires a username/password
  • Execution of procedures requires access to a related departmental account with access to the associated programs
Rates / Cost of Use
  • No rates have been defined
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Kevin Lane
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Gary Vandevelde
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