Drupal: Delete a web page or a file from the website

Archive a web page:

You may hide a web page from public view by following these steps: Drupal: Unpublish & Archive a Web Page 

Delete a file or web page:

If you want to permanently remove a web page or file from website, please send an email to webteam@fredonia.edu and include a link to each web page or file that you want to permanently remove.

  1. Drupal: Log into Drupal

  2. In the top menu, under Workbench, choose File Browser or visit https://www.fredonia.edu/admin/workbench/file-browser

  3. Navigate to your website folder in the left side.

  4. Click on a file to view the details:

    Workbench File Browser
    Workbench File Browser


  5. Copy the blue URL link for that selected file then paste it into your email to webteam@fredonia.edu. 
    Repeat for each file.
    This helps the Web Team know exactly which files will be deleted.