Drupal: Log into Drupal

How to login and edit web pages on the Fredonia public website


  • Drupal Web Publishers must attend a Drupal training. 

  • Send requests for Drupal training to webteam@fredonia.edu.

  • At the Drupal training, Web Publishers are granted access to create and edit web pages for their department website. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. On any page, go to the bottom and the page and click the Drupal Login link.

    Drupal Login link
    Drupal Login link in the lower right of every web page.


  2. Enter your Fredonia login information for eServices.

  3. Select OK.

  4. If successful, you should see a black bar on the top of the webpage.  It will stay visible until you logout.

    Drupal editor details
    Drupal editor details
  5. Note: you must close your browser in full after logging out to prevent eServices from keeping you logged in.