Adding Extra Credit Assignments to Your Gradebook in OnCourse

How do I add extra credit assignments in my gradebook?

Step-by-step guide

For “Natural” Gradebooks:

In a "Natural" gradebook the main gradebook aggregation is set to Natural.

  1. Create a "Gradable Item" or "Category" in the gradebook and Save.
  2. Directions for creating a "Gradable item."
  3. On the Gradebook Setup page, find the assignment or category that you wish to designate as extra credit. Click Edit → Edit Settings.
  4. In the Parent Category section, check the box beside Extra Credit.
  5. Click Save Changes.


  • You cannot create an “Extra credit” category or assignment in a "Weighted Mean of Grades" gradebook.
  • You cannot designate an assignment (or category) in a Natural gradebook as extra credit during its initial item creation.


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