Recording Video Directly in OnCourse

How do I record video directly into a quiz, dropbox, or discussion board in OnCourse?

Step-by-step guide

Changing your Editor Preferences

In order to use the recording features in OnCourse, you will first need to turn on your "Atto" editor. Once this change is made in OnCourse you will not need to repeat these steps. 

  1. Login to OnCourse using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. This process will not work on a phone, tablet, or using Safari
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right hand corner and choose Preferences.
    Clicking on the user menu in the top right hand corner and then choosing the Preferences link
  3. In the User account section, click the “Editor preferences” link
  4. Select "Atto HTML editor" from the “Text editor” drop-down menu to “Atto HTML editor”
  5. Press the “Save changes” button.

How to Record 

The built in recording tools will allow you to record a maximum of 2 minutes and will place your video in a quiz, dropbox, or discussion board

  1. Access the course and locate the item the recording will be submitted to. This could be a quiz, exam, dropbox, discussion board or other OnCourse tool
  2. Open the quiz, discussion board or drop box that the video will be submitted too.
  3. Read the direction and prepare the assignment.
    1. For a discussion board press “Add new discussion button” or press Reply. 
      1. Under the “Type your post field” click the “Use advanced editor and additional options link.
    2. For a drop box press the “Add Submission” button.
    3. For a quiz question open the question
  4. To start recording press the “Record Video” button.
    Arrows showing the 12th button is audio recorder and 13th button is video recorder
    1. If this button does not appear you have not successfully switched to the Atto editor, or you are using a device that does not allow recording. Please revisit the first five steps in this document.
  5. Make sure your camera and microphone are on and capturing both your image and your sound, and then press “Start Recording.”
  6. After completing the recording press the “Stop Recording” button.
  7. Now you can play back the video to check the recording. 
    1. If the recording is correct press the Attach Recording button
    2. If the recording is incorrect press the Record Again button.
  8. After a brief pause, (Do not close the window while you wait) the video will appear in the field. You do not need to change the text or add anything else to it.

  • The recording will only work on a desktop or laptop
  • The computer you are using will need a microphone and video camera installed. The microphone in a webcam should be sufficient.
  • Firefox, Chrome, or Opera are the only web browsers that will work when creating these recordings.

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