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The Restart Option is designed for students who have an interruption in their studies at Fredonia, due to academic dismissal, leave of absence, or withdrawal from college, and have returned to complete their degree. Upon returning to Fredonia, and after the successful completion of at least 12 credits, a student may apply for this option, which allows a new grade point average to be established from the time of readmission/reinstatement.  The student’s academic record from the time of initial enrollment at Fredonia will be reflected on the transcript, but the student will receive credit only for those courses in which the student earned a grade of C- or above (including S grades).  A student electing this option must complete at least 45 credit hours of “regular” graded work at Fredonia after the reinstatement and prior to graduation. This application should be completed with the help of the student’s academic advisor or department chair.

Restart Option Application Form

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