Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Academic Bankruptcy (link to Google application form)
Academic Forgiveness Policies
Academic Standing and Probation (Undergraduate)
Class Attendance
Course Audit Policy
Course Challenge Option
Course Load Policy
Course Pre-requisites and Co-requisites
Course Repeat Policies (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Credit by Examination
Cross Registration Resources
Dean’s List
Declaration of a Major, Additional Major, and Minor Program
Degree Exceptions Request (PDF form)
First-Year Student Forgiveness (link to Google application form)

General Education Foreign Language Requirement Waiver (PDF form)
General Education Waiver, Substitution, or Equivalency (PDF form)
Grade Appeals (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Grading Systems (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Incomplete Grade Agreement (Word application form)
Pass-Fail Option
Permission to Take Graduate Courses While an Undergraduate
Quality Point Average
Restart Option (link to Google application form)
Reverse Transfer Program (SUNY)
Significance of Course Numbers
Student Class Level (still needs approval?)
Student Classification

Student Identity Verification in Online and Distance Education Courses
Student Schedule Changes
Transcripts of Record
Transfer Credit Appeal (PDF form)
Transfer Credit for Currently or Previously Enrolled Students (PDF form)
Unit of Academic Credit
Upper Level Requirement Waiver
Undergraduate Learning Assistants Policy

Applied Learning

Applied Learning Criteria & Definitions

Assistance with Disabilities

Disability Support Services Grievance Process
Disability Support Services Policies and Procedures

Conflicts of Interest

Research Foundation Conflict of Interest Statement
SUNY Conflict of Interest Policy
SUNY Statement on Research Integrity


Leave of Absence Policy and Continuing Enrollment (Undergraduate)
Readmission and Reinstatement
Withdrawal and Honorable Dismissal


Assessment Examinations or Questionnaires
Final Examinations

Extended Learning

Extended Learning Course Audit Policy
Intersession Student Credit Hour Limits
J-Term Course Procedures
Summer Session Course Procedures

Graduate Student Policies

Academic Credit and Course Load
Academic Leave of Absence
Academic Standing (Graduate)
Course Repeat Policies (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Course Withdrawal
Full-Time and Part-Time Status

Graduate Course Numbers
Graduate Leave of Absence Policy
Graduate Policy on Continuous Enrollment
Graduate Statute of Limitations Policy
Graduate Reinstatement Application
Schedule Changes
Withdrawal from Program

Graduation & Degrees

Graduation with Honors
Posthumous Degree
Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree
Requirements for a Second Baccalaureate Degree

International Education

International Travel 

Misconduct, Grievance & Appeals

Academic Integrity Policy
Observance of Regulations and Standards (UPDATE INTERNAL LINK)

Name Policies

Chosen Names Policy
Legal Name Changes

Online Learning

Online Course Approval & Instructor Approval Processes


Early Registration
Restricting University Services for Non-Registered Students

Sponsored Programs & Research

Human Subjects Usage Policy
Research Foundation Policies
Scientific Misconduct Policy