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Students who have withdrawn from the university and wish to return may obtain an application for Readmission/Reinstatement from the Office of Enrollment and Student Services. Applications are reviewed by the appropriate academic dean, department chairperson, and the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services or designee.


Students who return to the university after an absence of one calendar year or less, and who left the university in good academic standing (defined by a GPA of 2.0 or higher, and not on academic probation) are eligible to be reinstated. A student who has been reinstated will keep the major(s), minor(s), and/or concentration he or she had at the time of separation from the university. However, such students may be given a one-semester probationary status within the major program, if the major requires a higher level of academic achievement to be considered "in good standing."


Students who have left the university either on probation or because of Academic Dismissal, or who have been absent from the university for more than one calendar year, will need to apply for readmission. The student's application for readmission will be reviewed by the appropriate dean and the department chairperson or program director of the major into which the student seeks readmission.

All students who are returning to the university after at least a one-semester absence will have an opportunity to apply for the Restart Option. Students may apply for this option after completion of at least 12 additional credit hours at Fredonia, with a minimum 2.0 GPA subsequent to their return. This option allows a new grade point average to be established from the time of readmission/reinstatement. The student’s academic record from the time of initial enrollment at Fredonia will be reflected on the transcript, but the student will receive credit only for those courses in which the student earned a grade of C- or above (including S grades). In addition, a student electing this option must complete at least 45 credit hours of graded work (excluding pass/fail) at Fredonia prior to graduation. Information on applying for the Restart Option may be obtained at the Fredonia website through the Registrar’s Office web page.

It is the student’s responsibility to consider and possibly apply for the Restart Option after they have completed at least one additional semester at Fredonia. Students may also wish to discuss this option with their advisor.


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