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The Pass-Fail Option permits a student, with the advisor’s approval, to take certain courses and earn a grade of P (Passing) or F (Failing), rather than a traditional letter grade (A,B,C,D). Quality points will not be used for pass-fail courses when the student receives a passing grade. However, a failing grade will carry the usual penalty for failure in a course.

The following courses may NOT be taken Pass-Fail:

  • Courses at the 100-level
  • Courses that are part of the professional semester
  • Courses required for a major, a minor or the General Education Program

Departments may designate other courses as not applicable to the pass-fail option; such courses are identified in the online Course Schedule each semester.

Within the limitations given, students may enroll for courses as free electives on the pass-fail basis:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 39 semester hours toward the bachelor’s degree is required before enrollment in pass-fail courses.
  2. No more than 16 semester hours may be taken on a pass-fail basis; no more than two such courses may be taken in any one semester. All courses taken as pass-fail are counted towards the 16 hour maximum whether the student receives a P or an F.
  3. In the event a student transfers to a department in which he or she has taken a pass-fail course, the student may petition the Registrar to rescind the pass/fail option for the course.

Pass-fail applications are available in the Office of the Registrar. A student who decides to enroll on a pass-fail basis is required to obtain his or her advisor’s signature on the application within the three-week period following the beginning of the semester. He or she may not thereafter change status in the course(s).


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