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Changes in student class schedules must be made via the Internet within the first two days of the fall or spring semesters, or filed in the Office of the Registrar within the period prescribed by that office.


  • Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal deadlines published in the university calendar are for full semester courses; deadlines are pro-rated for courses that meet less than a full semester.

Students may drop courses through the first week of the semester. Those courses dropped will be removed from the student’s permanent record. After the drop deadline, students must withdraw, except for first semester freshmen, who may drop through the withdrawal deadline. A fee of $20 will be assessed for each course drop or withdrawal that takes place after the drop deadline published by the Registrar’s office.

A fee of $20 will be assessed for each course added after the established add deadline. Transactions involving a switch from one section of a course to another will be charged one $20 fee.

Following the drop deadline and ending with the withdrawal date published by the Registrar each semester, a student may withdraw from a course with advisor or department chairperson approval. A grade of “WC” is assigned. The withdrawal grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent record but will not be counted in the student’s quality point average. A fee of $20 is assessed for each course withdrawal.

Through the second week of the semester, an instructor of a course may petition the Registrar to have a student dropped from a course. This may be done if the student has not been attending classes, and there are other students wishing to add the course. When an instructor initiates such action, the Registrar will make an effort to contact the affected student, and, if the student wishes to remain in the course, the student will be allowed to do so, subject to approval by the instructor.

Students will not be permitted to withdraw from courses after the withdrawal deadline published by the Registrar.

Exact dates for the add, drop and withdrawal periods are given in the university calendar and are posted on the Registrar’s web pages, and apply to all full-semester courses.


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