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Appointees Eligible for Reimbursement

*Persons initially appointed to full-time, professional position *Persons initially appointed to other full-time technical, scientific, educational, professional or administrative positions for which position the Department of Civil Service has found that there exists in New York State a shortage of qualified candidates
*An initial appointment shall mean the first full-time appointment by the State University of New York, or by one of its constituent campuses, except that an appointment subsequent to a first appointment shall be deemed to be an initial appointment if such appointment is made not less than three years following termination of an earlier appointment

Appointees Not Eligible for Reimbursement

*Appointees to be employed for a period of one year or less *Appointees employed on a part-time basis


*35 miles or greater from the employee's old workplace to new workplace *If the increase in commuting distance is less than 50 miles, the moving expense reimbursement is taxable and subject to withholding

Time Period to Claim Reimbursement

*Within one year of the effective date of the appointment

Allowable moving expenses

*Basic cost of moving household goods and personal effects from the appointee's residence at the time of initial appointment to the residence located near the new place of employment
*Cost of additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged *Household goods and personal effects must not exceed 12,000 pounds *If commercial household goods carrier is not used, employee shall be reimbursed for basic cost of rental of trailers or trucks from commercial establishments provided the claim is accompanied by
three competitive bids. Reimbursement will be at the lowest proposed bid.
*If commercial household goods carrier is not used or trailers/trucks from commercial establishments are not used, employee may be eligible for up to $200 to help cover moving expenses. The claim should be accompanied by documentation showing that such expenses were actually incurred, e.g. shipping via UPS, FedEx, Postal Service
*Cost of transportation for employee and his/her family to the new location shall be paid at the rate paid by New York State for the use of personally-owned automobiles for official business. (Please note: The difference between the New York State rate and the IRS moving mileage rate times the distance is taxable ). Payment shall be made at such rate for one automobile regardless of the number owned or actual method of transportation used.

Moving expenses not allowed

*Household goods do not include automobiles, building materials, farming equipment, livestock, boats

Submissions for Reimbursement

*Employee must pay the moving company directly and then submit for reimbursement.
*Must submit AC-92 Standard Voucher Form
*Must submit AC-1099S Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement Form along with itemized receipts, multiple vendor quotes (if applicable), bill of lading from moving company, proof of payment, and copy of appointment letter.
*Relocation/Moving Expense Reimbursements CANNOT be input for payment until the day after the new employee's first payday.

Repayment of Reimbursement

*If the appointee resigns or voluntarily separates within one year of the effective date of appointment, the campus president shall arrange to collect from the appointee monies for relocation expenses and transmit such monies to the state treasurer. When such monies cannot be collected by the campus president, the claim shall be transferred to the New York State Attorney General who shall take whatever action is necessary to collect the monies advanced.


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