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titleDo you still use Cool Queries? Have they been replaced by Argos Content?

The Cool Query application no longer exists here at Fredonia, but you still have access to those CQs through Argos. You can access any CQ that was assigned to you by utilizing the “CQ Interface - Web Version” Argos dashboard that resides in the **Cool Query Tools ** folder. There is a caveat to this. Those CQs have typically not been updated since we purchased Argos seeing as we have been migrating CQ content into Argos content. If you are questioning whether your CQ Content has already been converted into Argos content and you would like to know where you can find it, there is another Tool in the **Cool Query Tools ** folder titled “CQ Conversion Lookup Tool” that will allow you to search for your CQs and determine if they have already been converted to Argos, and where you can find the conversions. If you have any questions about how to use these tools, you can contact the Programming team via email and we will help guide you.