Argos News

This page will highlight Argos Announcements as they arise as well as some short Argos Content Articles (populated over time) that answer some common questions and even highlight some of the more utilized and useful Argos dashboards.

10/31/2023 - There will be a single Argos Open lab for the month of November and will be held on Friday November 17, 2023 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Thompson Hall E335 Computer Lab.

If interested, you can register here:

11/17/2023 Lab: <expired link>

9/28/2023 - There will be two Argos Open labs in the month of October. The first will be on Friday October 13, 2023 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Thompson Hall E335 Computer Lab. The second will also be in the Thompson Hall E335 computer lab on Friday October 27, 2023. Seating is limited to 17 persons in each session.

If interested, you can register here:

10/13/2023 Lab: <expired link>

10/27/2023 Lab: <expired link>


Argos Content Tidbits

Argos is primarily used to report off of our Student Information System (Banner) database, so not everyone that works at SUNY Fredonia will have content in Argos. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend one of our Argos open labs and have a conversation with ITS. Through these conversations in the past, we have discovered data reporting needs that we hadn’t thought about.

The Cool Query application no longer exists here at Fredonia, but you still have access to those CQs through Argos. You can access any CQ that was assigned to you by utilizing the “CQ Interface - Web Version” Argos dashboard that resides in the **Cool Query Tools ** folder. There is a caveat to this. Those CQs have typically not been updated since we purchased Argos seeing as we have been migrating CQ content into Argos content. If you are questioning whether your CQ Content has already been converted into Argos content and you would like to know where you can find it, there is another Tool in the **Cool Query Tools ** folder titled “CQ Conversion Lookup Tool” that will allow you to search for your CQs and determine if they have already been converted to Argos, and where you can find the conversions. If you have any questions about how to use these tools, you can contact the Programming team via email and we will help guide you.

If you are a Dean, Department Chair, Program coordinator or an Administrative Assistant to any of these roles, you should have access to our Academic Affairs Public Reporting Dashboard (AAF_Public_Reporting). If you have been with Fredonia for more than 8 years, you may remember the Cool Query Tool we used to gather data via many different public reports that were available. One of our very first tasks when we purchased Argos in 2015 was to migrate away from Cool Query and into Argos. The Public Cool Queries available to many of the Academic Affairs roles were a great place to start. For efficiency’s sake, we consolidated many of those old CQ Reports into a single Argos dashboard. From the AAF_Public_Reporting dashboard you can access Student data by Department and majors within that department, Student data by Minors, and Students with Third majors. The AAF_Public_Reporting will also allow you to gather data related to Academic Standing, Academic Dismissal, Application Decisions by Department, and Degree Application/Awarding by Department. Even further, it contains reporting related Advising by Advisor Department or Student Department and even Advisor listing by Student Minors. The AAF_Public_Reporting dashboard also contains a couple of newly designed data lookup tools to simplify tasks for Administrative Assistants. These include the Class Roster Tool and the Student Lookup Tool. The Class Roster Tool allows you to look up any course for a semester and list the instructors along with any student actively registered for the course. The Student Lookup Tool allows the user search for any student Registered for a selected term and and provide pertinent information that may be needed to facilitate communication with the student.