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Document TitleComputers, Hardware, Software, and Copiers
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Office/UnitPurchasing Department
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Policy NumberPurchasing Department Policy No. 118
Approval Date

January 2003

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January 2003

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ORIGINAL: January 2003
REVISION DATE: January 2018


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define a procedure for the procurement of computers, hardware, software, and copiers.

II. Procedure

In order to standardize the equipment and provide necessary support; all computers and printers must be quoted by the ITS Service Center via a Tracker ticket prior to purchase.

All software (whether new or a renewal) must be reviewed and approved by the ITS Service Center. Review of the requested software is vetted against the requirements of the SUNY Information Security Policy #6900, SUNY Information Security Guidelines: Campus Programs & Preserving Confidentiality #6608, and the Data Risk Classification Policy. All software used on University owned computing resources needs to be approved and categorized on the Data Risk Classification & Approved Electronic Services. To facilitate this risk analysis and procurement process, the Software Application Request Form must be filled out.

All terms & conditions, terms of use, terms of the agreement, end user license agreement, etc must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Contract Services or the Director of University Services.

All licenses are issued to and not individuals.

Copier and fax information can be requested by submitting a Tracker Ticket ( ) or by contacting the Purchasing Department at 673-3438. With multiple vendors on State Contract, it is best to meet the representative in person so that a full evaluation of your needs can be performed.

All computers, printers, and software orders are delivered to the ITS Service Center for prep and installation



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