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APC Systems

Service Manager

Joe Baxter


Network Design and Development


Location: Thompson Hall, W208

Phone Number: (716) 673-4712

Email: Joseph Baxter

All requests for assistance are completed using the Tracker Customer Portal

Service Owner

Chief Information Officer


  • Infrastructure power is managed power and distribution for the data center, DR warm site, Technology Incubator and critical data closets supporting switched network equipment across the campus.

Service Users

  • The service is an underlying part of the infrastructure.  It provides uninterrupted network functionality independent of commodity power fluctuations, and outages.

User Services

  • Not generally requested by end users.  UPS systems are used throughout the campus to provide clean uninterrupted power for data centers, key distribution closets and all network data closets that are serviced by emergency generator power.  
  • Environmental monitoring includes temperature, humidity and below floor water monitoring in the Maytum Hall data center.  Temperature, humidity and video surveillance systems are present in Gregory Hall’s basement data closet and DR Warm Site location.

Business Services

  • Necessary departments and units can expect uninterrupted network and Internet access regardless of commodity power abnormalities.

Technical Services

  • Seven 16 Kilowatt APC SYA16K Uninterrupted Power Systems provide 208VAC power to 32 power distribution units in 22 equipment racks hosting servers, appliances and the campus network infrastructure core.   A 75 Kilowatt Power distribution system provides 208 volt, 100 amp service to each UPS. 
  • Two 8 Kilowatt APC SYA16K Uninterrupted Power Systems provide 208VAC power to the residence core data closet and DR warm site location in Gregory Hall.  They are cross connected for load sharing and redundancy. 
  • Thirty four 750 watt - 2200 watt Uninterrupted Power Systems service building data closets for academic, administrative and residence halls.  Currently 25 of these are remotely monitored through the data network.
  • WhatsUp Gold, a commercial snmp monitoring system provides threshold based real time temperature and humidity reporting.  UPS system and power distribution status alerts are sent as text messages and e-mail alerts.


  • Need is based on importance of services requiring power during outages and to eliminate temporary network loss to areas serviced by power on generator systems. Maintaining the video monitoring, environmental monitoring and door access systems are a priority.

Rates / Cost of Use

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Getting Started

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  • The purpose of uninterrupted power systems is to provide continual uninterrupted service.  In the two data centers redundant systems provide primary and secondary power.  Two separate power source feeds minimize the chance of a single device failure disrupting service.
  • A review of data closet UPS systems is in process to upgrade devices that do not support remote monitoring.  Systems that can accept a network interface for remote monitoring will be upgraded.  Locations that cannot be upgraded will be replaced based on age, functionality and return on expense.

Getting Help

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SLA Notes

What is the turnaround time for the service level agreement? What other stipulations exist to using the service? Do support tickets have a different turnaround than change requests?

UPS system issues are monitored around the clock, seven days a week.  Text and e-mail alerts are evaluated as soon as possible and repairs are based on level of severity and possible outage.

What is not included:

  • UPS service is not provided in locations not on emergency backed up power.

Individual workstation UPS systems

Business Procedures

  • A copy of the maintenance contract information for data center UPS systems is kept in the emergency procedure binder in the data center and the DR Warm Site.
  • Bids are solicited for annual maintenance renewal August for September for APC renewal.
  • Maintenance for the Liebert PDU is sole source renewed each June 15th.

Change Procedures

Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed by TAC and approved by the Service Manager (CIO) and Cabinet.

The following procedures are used for changes to the software, hardware or business procedures.

Assigned Primary Support

Assigned Secondary Support

RACI Chart

Who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed for each function of your service?

Function 1

Name: Routine maintenance and support

Description:  On data center UPS problems reported to Schneider Electric. Diagnostics and log reporting is performed.  Defective subassemblies are replaced as required.  For 



Bruce Wilger

Service Manager

Affected users


Joseph Nocek

Service Manager



Function 2









Service Manager


Chief Information Officer



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