DESIGN: How to order stationary items

How to order Fredonia brand stationary items, such as: letterhead, envelopes, business cards and message pads

Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit the Alfred ordering website:

  2. Obtain the Username and Password by emailing 

  3. Log in and choose the template for the item you wish to order. 

  4. Type in your information in the fields to the left within each template as directed, save the template under a unique name.

  5. Click “Add to shopping cart” when finished.

  6. After viewing the proof of your item, you will be prompted to enter your procurement card (P-card) information.

  7. If department P-cards are turned off, record the total price of your item/s and save your cart, then follow these extra steps:
     -  Campus clients placing orders on the Alfred website are responsible for contact the Fredonia Purchasing Department to get their P-Card turned on.

     -  Departments are asked to use the online fillable requisition form found on the Purchasing Department website.

     -  The requisition should be made out to the vendor: Alfred State, 10 Upper College Dr., Alfred, NY 14082, (phone: 607-587-3426) with a copy of the artwork attached.

     -  After all approvals are acquired (i.e. director/VP), they will then send the request via email to Terry Tzitzis (, and Shari Miller (

     -  After the request is processed, the campus client will receive an email alerting them that their P-card has been activated for a short time to complete the purchase.

  8. Return to the Alfred website and complete the purchase using your P-card.

  9. Standard delivery time is 2 weeks. If you experience any issues with your order or shipment, contact

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