PHOTO: How to use the Fredonia Photo Library

Step-by-step use of Fredonia Photo Library

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Finding the site

Go to 

SUNY Fredonia Photo Library

There are two techniques for finding an image to support your project: browsing and searching.

Browsing the site

You may click on the image thumbnails to browse through collections of images by topic.

Each collection with a "folder" icon contains additional collections inside it to help sort and organize content by content type.

Academics folder with College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Folder circled in red.

Example: I’m working on a Biology webpage and need an image of the students working on research in a lab.  I would click on the thumbnail for "Academics.

SUNY Fredonia Photo Library with the Academics Folder circled in red.

And then click on the thumbnail for "College of Liberal Arts and Sciences"

 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences folder circled in red.

And then click on "Biology"

Biology folder circled in red

When you reach a gallery-level group of images, you will see rows of photos with filenames and a download button under each image. You may click on the small download button to initiate the download or click on the image to enlarge it for a full screen view.

 Biology folder open with the download button for the first picture circled in red.

In the enlarged image view, click on the down arrow button on the top left to download the image.

Download button circled in red

You'll be presented with a field asking for the download password. (Contact a Marketing Marketing and Communications team member for the password or email Enter the password.

Enter a password text box

Your file will download to your computer or device.

Alert with a green check mark that the gallery is unlocked.

After your download completes, click "RETURN TO GALLERY" or the "X" on the right.

To close the enlarged photo view, click the "X" at the top right, or hit the "Escape" key on your keyboard.

Photo of a woman looking through a microscope has been enlarged.

Browsing related images

To view more details about a photo, click on the small "i" in the top level of the window.

The filename, keywords, and image capture date will appear.

Keywords and Date Taken are circled in red.

If you click on one of the keywords, the system will do a keyword search on that particular term and show you a collection of images with that keyword.

For example, by clicking on the "microbiology" keyword below,

Microbiology on the left hand side is circled in red.

a filtered view of just microbiology images appears.

Microbiology images with several student working on science experiments.

Note: The site software doesn't allow us to disable the "Buy Photos" button on keyword search pages. You may disregard the button and download images in the same manner as shown above.

To further explore your browsing, you may click on a related keyword. Here, for example, click on "lab" to view images with that keyword tag.

You may try to refine your keyword search further with a combined term like "graduate student" to find images with "lab" AND "graduate student" identified in their keywords.

Lab Graduate Student photos

Starting with a keyword search

To start with a keyword search, type your term into the search box on the site's homepage. Then click the "SEARCH" button.

SUNY Fredonia Photo Library with the search bar and button circled in red.

A page of thumbnails will review images identified by your search term. If you hover over an image with your mouse, it will enlarge a bit for better viewing. If you click on the image, you can view it full screen and proceed to download or explore further, following the same process as above.

Activities Night photos circled in red.

Starting with a date search

You may also browse images by a general time period or by a specific capture date.

Click on "Browse by Date"

SUNY Fredonia Photo Library Academics folder circled in red.

Click on a year of interest, or enter a date range and click "browse.

Date Range button grid with a green browse button at the bottom of the screen.

Searching and Browsing tips

  1. The keywords used by our team can help you look for something if you’re unsure where to begin.  Example: you want an image of something happening in Thompson Hall but don’t know where to start. Put the word “Thompson” in the search bar from the main gallery area.

  2. To navigate in and out of galleries, click on the breadcrumb text (of the preceding collection folder) to go up one level or click on the "home" icon to return to the site homepage.
    College of Education, Health Sciences, and Human Services with Academics circled in Red.

    Home button circled in red in the top left corner.