Scantron (OMR) Processing

Service Description

Exam Scoring and report generation is provided by the ITS - Enterprise Data Services staff in Thompson Hall.  Scoring is done using a Scantron Insight4 Optical Mark Reader (OMR) and Classic Remark Software.

Service Level Agreement

For individuals who pre-schedule the grading of exams, you can expect your exams to be graded and reports generated within 24 hours of their delivery to ITS.

Supported Scantron Forms

  • Exam System II - General Purpose NCS Answer Sheet No. 229633 (5 answer/200 question)

  • Exam System II - Answer Sheet No. 229664 (10 answer/100 question)

Answer Key

The Answer Key is an answer sheet that contains the correct answers to the questions for the specific test.  You must use the same scantron form to create your Answer Key as you used to administer test.

  • Please clearly identify your Answer Key by placing the word Key in the Last Name field.

Student Responses 

  • For each response sheet the test taker should be clearly identified by either last name, first name and/or identification number (numeric portion of their Fredonia ID) 

Report Options 

Standard Report Options

  • 101 - Student Statistics

    • Displays statistical data related to the performance of each student

      Student Statistics Report
  • 103 - Class Frequency Distribution

    • Illustrates the dispersion of students over the selected grade scale

      Class Frequency Distribution
  • 104 - Test Statistics

    • Displays statistics related to the overall test and each defined learning objective


  • 201 - Detailed Item Analysis

    • Displays statistics related to each question response


When Requested Report Options

  • 301 - Student Grade Report

    • Displays individual grade results for each student

  • Raw Score Scan results in CSV Format

Report Delivery

Reports will be printed and returned with the exam they were created from unless it is otherwise specified that they should be delivered electronically (except for Raw Score Scan results).

How to Submit Tests to be Scanned

  1. Submit a Tracker Service Request by emailing or by logging into the EDS Tracker Portal ( and choose the Scantron (Test Scoring) request type. 

    1. Provide the Course Subject and Number in the Summary field (Subject of Email)

    2. Indicate when you will need the results in the Due Date field (Include in message body of email)

    3. Use the Description field to indicate when you intend to drop off the exams and any special handling instructions/report (Include in the message body of email)

  2. Package up the Answer Key and Student Responses in a folder or envelope identified by the Course Subject, Number, and Instructor

  3. Deliver the packaged test to E222 Thompson Hall (if door closed, please leave them with the Service Center Staff for Gary) during normal business hours.

Once your test has been scored your ticket will be updated indicating that the request has been fulfilled. All physical documents can be returned to you via Campus Mail or coordinated for delivery. Typical turnaround time is 24 hours from delivery.

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