Banner 9 - Menu Not Responding / Search Not Working


If you log into Banner and are greeted with the landing page with the Search Box and you try to access the Hamburger menu or enter a form in to the Search Box and get not response.


  • Try each of the steps below independently to see if the resolve your issue. 
    1. Clear your Browsers cache (you don't need to purge browsing history, only cookies and/or content), Then try accessing Banner and that page again.
    2. Click the "Sign Out" Lock button in the left had Option Bar, After the Sign Out is complete click the "Return Home" button
    3. Try Banner using a different Browser (URL for Banner can be found by right clicking the Banner 9 Icon and copying the Target), to access Banner and that page.
    4. Submit a ticket to and describe what you have tried to do to resolve the issue.

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