Department Upgrade Information

VoIP Department Upgrade Information
Here is a list of things to keep in mind when your department is scheduled to have their phones upgraded.

COVID-19 Precautions - Please maintain social distancing and mask guidelines while your handset is being replaced. We ask that your sterilize your and new phone once the installer leaves your office. If you are not in the office, your phone will be replaced in your absence. 

Verification Spreadsheet – Your department's phone numbers, names, locations, handsets, old intercom numbers and features will be inventoried in this process.

Department Call Handling – Various department features will be rolled out with the upgrade to VoIP. You can view a glossary of terms to learn about the features
available on the new phone system.

Phone Numbers – You will have the same phone number. If you do not have a phone number because you use an intercom, a new number will be assigned to you.
If you currently have more than one number, you will be asked to pick one. There will only be one number assigned to each employee.

Telecommuting – If you are telecommuting, your new phone can be forwarded to a non-long distance number as it works now.

Voicemail – Your voicemail will function the same remotely as it does now. 

Intercom – Every employee will now have a direct dial number. Once you upgrade, your intercom will no longer work. You will need to give contacts your new number.

User Guides – The Polycom VVX 450 VoIP Phone Quick Start Guide and Polycom VVX 450 VoIP Phone Detailed User Guide are both available for reference. 

Internet ConnectivityIf the phone is rebooted you will lose internet connectivity to your computer during that process (approx. 3 minutes).

Power Outages - Phones will no longer work during power outages. 

Speed Dials – We can program speed dials on your phone as part of your migration. The amount you can have varies, depending on how many buttons are used by
your department settings. Please have your list ready at the time of your upgrade.

Multiple Lines - Since each number can handle 24 calls, users will be asked to select one phone number. Additional numbers will be re-used. We can set up messages to direct callers who dial the previous numbers.

Forwarded Numbers - Numbers that are just used for forwarding will no longer be allowed. Users will get a message to the correct number and these numbers will be re-assigned.

Rebooting Your Phone – You may be asked to reboot your phone to access certain configuration changes. Holding the 1+3+0 keys simultaneously will reboot your phone.

Printers and Credit Card Lines - These lines will remain as they are and will not be upgraded to the new VoIP system.

Office Moves – If you move offices or departments, your new information will be collected so our inventory can be updated. This information is now passed to E911 at
the county for safety reasons. You will not be able to move your phone without alerting ITS of the change.

Feedback – Please email Janet Mayer if you have any feedback on this project or your transition experience.