Utilizing Campus Network Resources on WiFi

To leverage campus network resources, like wireless printing and networks shares like U and M Drive, campus owned Windows laptops need to be using “Computer authentication”. If your laptop is having any issues with the utilization of those resources, please use the following steps to verify/adjust the authentication to gain access to the appropriate portion of the network:

  1. Open Control Panel. You can find the Control Panel by opening the Start Menu and typing in “Control Panel”.


2. In the Control Panel, click on Network and Internet.

If you encounter the Large or Small Icon view, you will be clicking on Network and Sharing Center and skipping the next step.


3. On the next page, click right on Network and Sharing Center to proceed.


4. In the Network and Sharing Center, click on “Wi-Fi (eduroam)”.


5. In the Wi-Fi Status window that pops up, click on the button labeled Wireless Properties.


6. In the eduroam Wireless Network Properties window that pops up, click on the Security tab.


7. On the Security tab, click on the button that says Advanced Settings.


8. In the dropdown menu, make sure to select Computer authentication. Likely, this was set to User or computer authentication, which is the cause of not being able to utilize the campus network resources while on wireless.


If you continue to have any trouble utilizing campus network resources wirelessly on your Windows 10 laptop, please contact the ITS Service Center by sending an email to tracker@fredonia.edu and further assistance will be provided.