MS PowerPoint Chapter 4: Reading Order

How do I create slides with an accessible reading order in PowerPoint?


Section 4.1: How to Organize a Slide

When organizing a slide, it is always best to have a reading order that is easy to follow and read. A good example is to have the title at the top or near the top of the slide. Underneath it is the text itself. Then under the text or next to it is the photo or video.

A slide with an accessible reading order. A title is at the top, the body text is under the title. A photo is next to the body text.

Section 4.2: Using the Selection Pane

If you use the Selection Pane to check the reading order, remember that it displays content items in the opposite order of the reading order.

  1. To get everything in the right order, go to the Home Tab, and select Arrange. In the Arrange drop menu, click Selection Pane.

    Selection Pane with the Text on top, then Slide Number Placeholder 5, Photo, and Title.
  2. Use the small arrows to rearrange the content into the right order. The title must be on the bottom

    Selection Pane in PowerPoint. Slide Number Place Holder 5, Text, Photo, Title in list order.