InDesign Chapter 7: Tables and Table of Contents


Sadly, InDesign has limits for making tables. InDesign can only add header columns. Header rows cannot be made in this software.

Section 7.1: Creating a Table

  1. Go to the top bar in InDesign. Click the Table Tab.

    Table Tab in Adobe InDesign
  2. Click Create Table.

  3. In the Create Table box, choose the number of rows, and columns you will need for your table. For accessibility purposes, leave the header rows at 1.

    Create Table box with 5 body rows and 2 columns and one header row.
  4. Click on the page and drag across the page to make the table appear. Fill in your info for the table.

Section 7.2: Creating a Table of Contents

A Table of Contents provides links to other parts of your document. This is useful because now a reader can read the table of contents to learn what is in the document. This means they do not have to read everything and can choose where they can start reading. To create a table of contents in your project,

  1. Go to the Main Menu, and select the Layout Tab. In the drop-down menu click Table of Contents.

  2. The Table of Contents dialog box is open. Now you have to chose the paragraph styles to use as the basis for creating a table of contents. To do this, select the “Other Styles” box. Then select the Add Button to move them to the “Styles in Table of Contents” box. Be sure to check “Create PDF Bookmarks” and “Make text anchor in source paragraph.