InDesign Chapter 4: Reading Order


InDesign does not, by itself, know what the reading order should be. Documents with a lot of layers, floating objects, and other elements, may be exported with them out of order. The authors need to specify the correct reading order.

Section 4.1: Specifying the Reading Order

  1. In the Main Menu, click the Windows tab. In the dropdown menu, click Articles.

    Window Tab in Adobe InDesign
  2. The Articles Panel will open, but appear blank.

    The articles tab open without content inside.
  3. Click on the Selection Tool and drag each object into the Articles Panel one at a time. These can be Images, Text, and Titles. Be sure to drag in the title first, then the main text, then any pictures you included. When you drag in the content, give them relevant names to what their content is.

  4. The items placed in the Articles tab will appear. If any appear out of order, click and drag them to their correct position. Do this with any remaining pages in the article or project.