InDesign Chapter 6: Links, Text Anchors, and Metadata


  1. Select your text and right click it. In the dropdown menu, click Hyperlink, then New Hyperlink.

    A page in Adobe InDesign that has SUNY Fredonia Campus Life highlighted.
  2. The New Hyperlink box has appeared and gives you several options to choose from.

  3. To create a link to a web URL, be sure that “Link to: URL” is selected. Then type in the full URL.

  4. Click the Accessibility Button and type in an Alt text of 150 characters or less describing the link.

    New Hyperlink Box with Link to dropdown menu set as URL. Accessibility Tab is open with alt text inside.

Section 6.2: Creating Text Anchors

  1. Go to the Main Menu and click the Windows Tab. In the drop-down menu click Interactive, then Hyperlinks.

  2. The Hyperlink Panel is now available. Now you want to select the text you want as an anchor.

  3. Go to the Hyperlink Panel and click Options. From the menu, click New Hyperlink Destination.

  4. Name the destination in the Name Box.

  5. To link the text anchor, select the text you want to link, right click and choose Hyperlinks then New Hyperlink. When the box opens, click the Link To: dropdown menu. Choose the destination.

Section 6.3: Metadata

At a minimum, you must add a document title to the metadata in the InDesign document. The document title will carry over to other formats, such as PDF, EPUB, and HTML. InDesign allows you to add many other types of metadata, but none of the others are relevant to accessibility.

To add a document title to the metadata, go to the File Tab. Then File Info, then type the title into the "Document Title" field.