Student OnCourse Support

Below is a list of the most commonly asked student questions about OnCourse. If you do not see the answer to your question here, email The search box on this page will also search for answers to your questions about OnCourse and all other digital tools at Fredonia.

How do I Turn in an assignment in OnCourse?

Your instructor has asked you to submit a document that you have prepared. Here are some ways this can be done.

  • You have written your document in Word or another word processor and want to submit, or attach it to a drop box.
  • You have written your documentation in Google Drive and want to share the link with your instructor in a drop box.
  • You have been asked to submit either a document or a link to a discussion board.
    • Full directions for Posting to a Forum are available. The second section of this document includes adding attachments.
  • You have written your document in Word or another word processor and you need to submit the document to Turnitin.

How do I Take an OnCourse Quiz

  • How to take and submit an OnCourse Quiz
    • Before starting a quiz in OnCourse be sure to read all of the instructor's directions about time limits and number of attempts. Then review the steps for Submitting a Quiz in OnCourse before pressing "Attempt quiz now."
  • Reviewing the results of an OnCourse Quiz
    • In the "Hints" section of Submitting a Quiz in OnCourse are the steps to review the results, grade, and feedback from a quiz attempt. This information will not be available until the instructor releases the information.

Grades and feedback have been posted in OnCourse, how do I see them?

  • Viewing grades in the gradebook
    • If the instructor is using the gradebook and it is turned on you will see a "Grades" link in the left-hand menu. If the "Grades" link is not available, this course has not turned on the gradebook.
  • View a grade and comments for an assignment
  • View grades and comments in a discussion board

How can I see OnCourse Calendar or Upcoming Events for viewing course due dates?

  • There are two blocks in OnCourse, "Calendar" and "Upcoming Events," that display due dates for current courses. Using the Calendar in OnCourse outlines how to use these tools. 

If my instructor is taking attendance, how can I view my records?

  • The gradebook will display the grade associated with attendance if a grade is being assigned. The attendance tool will display each present/absence/late assignment given. Review the Viewing Attendance Grade in OnCourse document for details.