EVENTS: How to submit your event to Fredonia Events (Localist)

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How do I promote my event on the public campus calendar at

Before you submit an event:

  • If you are submitting an event that will be booked in a on-campus venue, such as a classroom or other campus space, you must first reserve the room in the EMS venue management system, before submitting your event to EVENTS @ FREDONIA. The office of Campus Life ( can help you reserve the room, before promoting your event.

  • Event submissions to EVENTS @ FREDONIA are subject to review and verification. 

  • No events will appear automatically on the public calendar without approval of the Events Calendar Manager.

  • Before submitting your event, please use the search field at the top, and/or mini calendar on the right side to see if your event already exists on the EVENTS calendar.

  • Before signing up, please review the terms of service for the EVENTS @ FREDONIA calendar service:

  • If you have a question about booking a room or submitting an event to EVENTS @ FREDONIA, please send us an email at

  • Please visit for more details about locating an Event Image for your event.

Log Into an EVENTS account:

A. If you have a Fredonia e-Services ID or a Google account: 

  1. Before signing up, please review the terms of service for the EVENTS @ FREDONIA calendar service:

  2. Visit 

  3. Click the LOG IN link at the top center of the page. 

  4. Click Log in with Google 


  5. For the username, enter your Gmail address or your short email format, not the Fredonia long format email,

  6. Check your Gmail for a confirmation email from Localist. You must click the link in that confirmation email to verify your identity in EVENTS @ FREDONIA (Localist).

  7. Visit the EVENTS homepage at

B. If you do NOT have a Fredonia ID or a Google account:

  1. You must have a Google Account to sign up for a user account in EVENTS @ FREDONIA.

  2. See to sign up for one.

  3. Follow the steps in section A, above.

Step-by-step guide to submit an event:

  1. Returning users can click "LOG IN" to enter their email and password. If you need an account, see the steps above.

  2. Before submitting your event, please check to see if the event already exists. Use the search field at the top, and/or mini calendar on the right side to see if your event already exists on the EVENTS calendar.

  3. Click "Submit an Event" green button in the upper right 

  4. The New Event Form appears

  5. Enter a name for the event. It should be descriptive.

  6. Add a text description with details about the event.

  7. Add details about the Schedule with Start Date, Start Time, End Time, and any Repeats (weekly, daily, etc).


  8. Click the Add Above to Schedule button to confirm the date and time for your event.
    You can add as many dates and times as needed for an event by clicking the Add Above to Schedule button after each date/time is entered. When you add multiple times or multiple days for an event, all instances of the event will share the same title, description, and location.

    - Fill in first instance of day and times.
    - Click the Add Above to Schedule button.
    - Fill in second instance of date/times.
    - Click the Add Above to Schedule button.
    - Repeat as needed for all instances of the event.

  9. Add a Location:

  10. Add additional details, such as Twitter hashtag to associate with your event, a Facebook Event link or other website page associated with your event.

  11. Add an image for your event.
    Image must be at least 2000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels in height.
    Image must not be an event poster. The text on posters does not translate well for event images.
    Image must NOT be a copyright image. 
    Please visit for important guidelines and help with finding an Event Image.

  12. Add any necessary filters for your event that might help someone find it easily, such as department, audience, etc.

  13. Add any details for tickets, such as price and a link to the website with tickets.
    If your event has tickets available online at the Ticket Office, please copy and paste the URL, for the Ticket Link field.

  14. Click "Submit Event". 

  15. Your event will be submitted for review. You may be asked for more event details, if needed. It may take a business day for your event to be approved and appear on the EVENTS calendar.

  1. To promote an event as featured, please send an email to with the title of the submitted event and a clear request about why you feel this event should be promoted as a featured item - importance to the campus, nature and size of the intended campus or public audience(s), etc.

  2. To delete your user account at any time, please send an email to and include the email you use to sign into EVENTS.

  3. For any other concerns or corrections in the calendar, send us email at