Green Computing

What is Green Computing?

Green Computing is using your technology in an environmentally responsible way. This can be done with a variety of technological devices such as cell phones, printers, toners, computers, appliances etc. This should be taken very seriously because the world is made up of finite resources.

How can you help?

  • Turn off all electronics when you are no longer using them. Shutting down your computer every night can be extremely helpful. If everyone shuts down their computer every night, it can make a huge difference.
  • When printing, try to use a reduced font and the front and back of the paper. Some printers are not able to handle this, but when they are, please make use of the function.
  • Check the power-management setting on your personal computing device. Try to make your power settings to the power saver mode when doing minimal work.
  • When searching for any new appliances, check for the Energy Star sticker. If it doesn’t have the sticker try to find an alternative that is EPA approved. One thing that will apply to most college students is their mini-fridge. There are Energy Star compliant mini-fridges that are comparable in price to their counterparts.
  • Keep all peripherals plugged into the same surge protector so that you can simply flick a switch to shut everything down at the end of the night. This includes your computer, printer, speakers, monitor, etc. This makes it easier for you, but it helps to better the planet.

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