Science Ctr 321 - Major Alice Conference Room

Conference Room computer station with an Extron Touch Panel switcher
Front of the conference room with a large black board and projector screen.
Back of the conference room with tables and chairs in a circle formation, and bookshelves on the back wall.

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Room Details


  • 7x Movable Tables
  • 25x Movable Chairs
  • Podium
  • Large Whiteboard
  • Large Blackboard


  • Extron Touch Panel Switcher
  • DELL OptiPlex 3000 PC
  • NEC PA550W Projector
  • DRAPER Projector Controls
  • Room Lighting Buttons with dimmer controls
  • Extron HDMI and VGA Input Transmitter with Audio Embedding
  • 5x Wall Outlets

Using the Extron Touch Panel

To enable the projector:

  1. Select Windows, Laptop (using HDMI or VGA), or Blu-Ray Player on the touch panel.

    This will turn on the projector and lower the projector screen.

  2. Make sure you log in to the computer when using "Windows".

  3. The projected image and audio can be muted.

  4. The scroll wheel on the bottom of the Extron panel controls the volume. Right to increase and left the decrease.

To shut down the Extron system:

  1. Press the "System Off" button on the bottom right.

    The projector will shut down and the projector screen will raise.

Windows Computer

Windows 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player