Science Ctr B012

Teachers computer station with an Extron touch panel switcher.
Front of the classroom with a large whiteboard and projector screen.
Back of the classroom with student desks arranged in rows.


Extron Touch Panel
HD LCD Projector
Audio System
Laptop Connectivity
Teaching Station
Windows Computer

Using the Extron Touch Panel

Extron touch panel interface.

On the Extron touch panel, you can control audio for microphone and volume and turn on and off the projector with a variety of inputs.

To turn on the projector:

  1. Press the Power button on the Extron touch panel to start the projector.
    This will turn on the projector and lower the projector screen.
  2. Select your input (Windows, HDMI (located on the podium and wall plate), Blu-Ray Player).
    Wall Plate:
    Laptop cable plug in station
  3. To mute to projector image, select "Mute".
  4. To mute to speakers and audio in the room, select "Audio Mute".

To shut down the Extron system:

  1. Press the "System Off" button on the bottom right. This will shut down the projector and raise the projector screen.

Windows Computer

Windows 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Silverlight
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player