Installing Software on Windows 11

  1. Navigate to the ITS Service Center M: Drive

  2. Open the Software folder and then the "RunAsSystem" folder (M:\ITSServiceCenter\Software\RunAsSystem)

  3. Copy both of the items in the RunAsSytem folder

  4. Next, paste the items into the AdmUse folder on the C drive

  5. Right click RunAsSytem and run as administrator

  6. Two windows will open and perhaps a box with options, click Agree to close that window and now you will have two command windows open (leave both open)

  7. In the Administrator window navigate to the folder where the installer is

    1.     For example: Type cd c:\admuse, hit enter and you will be in that folder

  8.  In the folder of the item you wish to run, right click the item and select 'copy as path'

  9. Go back to the command line window you were working in in step 7 and paste the path with ctrl+v.

  10.  When you see the installer path click enter and the installer will open

  11. Now continue with the installer as normal.