Computer Labs

The State University of New York at Fredonia has many computer labs for class as well as general use. For more information and hours, click on any of the labs below.

  • Open use labs may be used by all students and courses are not typically scheduled in these labs.
  • General use labs can be reserved for classes through contacting the Office of the Registrar.
  • Restricted labs are not scheduled by the Office of the Registrar, but by academic departments.

To find the hours each lab will be open, and also the specific software that is on the computers in that lab, please click on the location name.

Computer LabComputer OSOpen/General/RestrictedSeats
Fenton 115Windows/MacOpen28
Fenton 2162WindowsGeneral25
Fenton 2165WindowsGeneral17
Igoe PhotoMacintoshRestricted21
Learning Center (Reed 4th)WindowsOpen8
Mason 2016 MusicMacintoshRestricted15
Mason 2017 MusicMacintoshRestricted15
McEwen G22WindowsOpen/General50
McEwen 103 - Sheldon LabMacintoshRestricted20
McEwen 106 Story LabWindowsRestricted
McEwen Audio Editing SuitesWindows/MacRestricted
McEwen Video Editing SuitesMacintoshRestricted
Reed LibraryWindowsOpen50
Rockefeller Arts 237 VANMMacintoshRestricted16
Rockefeller Arts 239 VANMMacintoshRestricted16
Rockefeller Arts 253 TADAWindows/MacRestricted22
Rockefeller Arts 307 VANMMacintoshRestricted15
Rockefeller Arts 310 VANM PrintMacintoshRestricted1
Science Ctr 121WindowsRestricted25
Science Center 243WindowsRestricted24
Sound Recording TechnologyWindows/MacRestricted
Thompson E149 SpeechWindowsRestricted8
Thompson W112 SpeechWindowsRestricted3
Thompson E287 EDPWindowsOpen8
Thompson W203Windows/MacOpen11
Thompson W217WindowsGeneral32
Thompson W229WindowsRestricted10

Fredonia Computing Lab Funding and Scheduling Rubric

2019 Computer Lab Funding and Scheduling Rubric