eduroam wifi configuration assistant tool

If you have tried the eduroam connection directions for your operating system and you are having issues connecting, downloading the eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) could resolve this issue. You can do this on any type of device including mobile.

Likewise visitors from participating eduroam institutions can get access to SUNY Fredonia eduroam WiFi using the user names and passwords they use at their home institutions. Also, when you travel to participating institutions, you can use your SUNY Fredonia EservicesID and password to log in to their network. 

Please approve any Certificate requests that pop up.


You must be connected to the internet to complete these steps.

  1. Forget or delete any listed eduroam network on your device.

  2. Download the eduroam CAT from the google play store or Apple App Store

  3. Go to eduroam configuration assistant tool

  4. Click on Click here to download your eduroam installer.

4. Select SUNY Fredonia from the list, if it doesn’t appear you may not have location services on. In that case use the search bar to search for SUNY Fredonia. If the user is from a different home institution, they will need to select their home institution from the list.

eduroam configuration tool choose school


5. Click on the download button for your device and OS (e.g. Apple macOS Catalina, Apple iOS, MS Windows 10, Android). This is usually automatically detected via your device, but if you need to download for something other than the default, use the “all platforms” link under the button to obtain a list to choose from. The Icon next to the OS title contains information specific to the installation for each OS, please click that form more information.

6. When prompted enter your email address in the following format:

  • If you are affiliated with Fredonia use:

  • If you are from another campus that participates in eduroam use :    (example 

Enter your password and select Install or

eduroam configuration tool password



If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center that can be contacted through email at ITSservicecenter@fredonia.eduTrackerphone, or by a visit to the ITS Service Center office. The office is located at W203 Thompson, on the 2nd Floor. Phone: (716) 673-3407.