Connecting to eduroam with Mac OSX

1. Make sure that the wireless has been turned on by selecting the wireless icon at the top-right of the page and clicking the slider button next to Wi-Fi

2. Now select eduroam from the same drop down menu

3. You will receive a prompt to enter your eServices ID and Password, Please use the following format:

If you are affiliated with Fredonia use:

If you are from another campus that participates in eduroam use :  (example:

4. When you have successfully connected, you may get a certificate warning. If so, click the Continue button

5. You may receive a prompt notifying you that a change is being made, use your normal e-services username and password (the same info that you use to log into the computer) and click Update Settings


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center that can be contacted through email at ITSservicecenter@fredonia.eduTracker, phone, or by a visit to the ITS Service Center office. The office is located at W203 Thompson, on the 2nd Floor. Phone: (716) 673-3407.

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